Santa Cruz Earthlings

Why Do We Recommend This Film?

Everyone has a different perspective and different feelings about the many issues raised by Earthlings. Here are ours in an order free of sexism, ageism, speciesism and alphabetism:
Earthlings reminds me that as a human being I am responsible for this planet and for all that share it with me. That I must live a life of love and compassion. That I have the power to take a stand for what I believe in and that I must speak up for those that can't. Earthlings is infuriating in its reality and because of that I know that everyone who cares enough to watch it will forever want to be a better person.
Earthlings is a film everyone in America should see. It is the most comprehensive film on the treatment of animals in all aspects of their human domination. Some parts of the film are graphic in nature, but the truth needs to be shown to all, so that people can make intelligent decisions about the best way to live here on planet Earth.
Earthlings asks us to face the consequences of our dietary and lifestyle choices. Heartbreaking and deeply disturbing, I found Earthlings almost impossible to watch without turning away. Still, I hope everyone will watch Earthlings and commit to taking an active role in ending the suffering of ALL animals.
Seeing "Earthlings" made it all personal for me. It left me no doubt that every choice I make can be a compassionate one or a harmful one. And it gives me hope, that if each one of us can make the connection and get in touch with our own compassion, we can make a profound difference for each other and for those who are at our mercy. Animals are extraordinary teachers that show us the way of truth, patience, kindness, and forgiveness.
This film is very hard to watch. If you are not afraid of seeing what is actually happening, are not afraid of the truth, then check it out. What you will see are not rare instances of abuse but common and standard practice. Try to not close your eyes or turn your head. Remember that it is quite easy to be well and happy on a vegetarian diet. Millions of people from all walks of life and all cultures prove it possible. In fact, there is strong evidence that one can be healthier on a plant-based diet.
I have seen a lot of footage of what happens to animals at the hands of humans in the name of profit, but I learned things from watching Earthlings that I was completely unaware of, and that changed my life forever. I truly believe that whoever has the courage to watch this film and learn the truth of what our species does on a daily basis to fellow beings, will have a consciousness raising experience. There is no way to grow emotionally and spiritually while remaining in the shadows of ignorance. This film is a wake up call to anyone who is ready to be roused from the coma we are in concerning our relationship with fellow sentient beings on this planet.